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1.Tell us about yourself and what you do

I am a practicing attorney for over 18 years , a wife & mum of two. I run my own private all-female law firm, specialising in commercial law, property law, personal & family law, Estate planning and Trust advisory, we also do a fair amount of High Court litigation. We have been based in Umhlanga for the past 8 years and have robustly innovated to both online and in-office practice management to suit our clients’ needs and accessibility.

2.What does National Women’s Day and this year’s theme mean to you?

With such a tremulous time in South Africa and the World, I really do believe that this year the focus on Women’s Day / Month should be to honour female strength and courage. I call it “Feminine- Courage” it is something truly rare and unique.

3.How can Women take a seat at the table and achieve success?

Women are resilient, multifaceted, multi-talented and are able to add a new juggling ball to their daily juggling act so skilfully and without any training or expertise. This strength that comes from within is innate. When a woman understands and harnesses this innate strength she will succeed in every role she takes on.

4.What’s something you have done that has taken real courage?

Starting a business with no plan no office space no equipment or furniture but armed with pen , paper a phone and a computer. The rest shortly followed but it took courage for me to commence practice at the time when my first born was only a year old and my husband had just been retrenched.

5.Do you have a daily routine or any tips for making the most of every day? If so, please share.

I am very OCD about planning , arriving on time and diary keeping. I keep a written diary and electronic one (just in case) and my PA updates me at 8am everyday with a reminder of the day’s schedule.


6.What is one thing you enjoy doing that’s just for you?

It must be my love of makeup & Pilates.


7.Please share your favorite inspiring quote with us.

It is one I have penned myself and shared on my page.

“ The true measure of success is in the act of giving and not in the receiving. Giving- not always in the literal sense but the giving of your knowledge, your time, your attention and your compassion – Atisha Ghela” /

“ Your ROI (return on investment ) is you for yourself – Atisha Ghela” Meaning, what you put into yourself is what you will get out in your life

Celebrating Women: Atisha Ghela (LLB,NATAL)

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